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E&J provides 4-hour rentals. We set up 45-120 mins prior to your event and will come back to break down equipment after your rental time. Please ensure that if you are planning for an outdoor set up that you take precautions for sunny days. Remember we do not set up our equipment in the rain due to potential damage so if there isn’t an indoor back-up plan we are happy to work with you for rescheduling your event. Please make sure that the area that you want your soft play set-up is clear so that we can come in and quickly set up and allow you to get started with your event.



Please adhere to our rules (no food/drinks, face paint/glitter, no shoes) that are put in place to avoid damage to equipment. If equipment does get damaged during your event, E&J reserves the right to charge the full amount necessary to replace the equipment if beyond repair.



We thoroughly sanitize each soft play item prior to set up to ensure that we are keeping our customers as safe as possible.  We use an all-natural cleaner and do not cut any corners because we are parents as well and we care!!

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